Advanced Memory Cleaner



Advanced Cleaner is smart memory booster for internal and external memory.
Advanced Cleaner, a quick tool for killing task, clearing application cached files, clearing history, clearing log, moving application, clearing junk and un-used file in SD card. Get more internal rom storage and external storage. You can manage memory ever faster now. By clearing apps created ache/data, you can get more available storage space.
You can see cache size, rom size, junk size, history size, etc. allocated by each application.
You can see available and used memory information.
All memory management options are in one tool.
The user interface is so simple. best user interface among market apps.

*****Take low memory, mean application size is too low, does not take any other system memory other than app****

Memory cleaner featured with:
For Internal memory:
1. Cache cleaner
2. History cleaner
3. Log cleaner
4. Task killer
5. move application
6. Uninstall application

For external memory:
1. clear junk
2. view all image with delete option
3. view all audio with delete option
4. view all video with delete option
5 view others file with delete option

Advanced Cleaner full fill your all required option. it is very faster that others.

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