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Before using the application, we highly recommend you to watch the video on how to use the application.

For video on how to use the Voice Command - Please go to this link -
For Video on how to use other features of the application - Please go to this link -

Features of Free Version:
1. Voice Command Support for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Inverse, CubeRoot, SquareRoot, Square, Cube, Power, Factors, Prime, Multiple, Percentage.
2. Supports LCM, GCD, Average, Least Number, Greatest Number, Hypotenus - These features are not found in any existing calculators.
3. Interest Calculator
4. Date Calculator
5. Unit Converter
6. History - Retains your calculations even after exiting the application.

Important Note:
For devices with Android Version less than 4.0 (IceCream and SandWich), to use the Voice Command, you should have an active internet connection. From Android Version 4.0, there is an Offline version of Voice Recognition available. This is limitation of Android and not our application.

To effectively use the Voice Command Feature, please follow these rules:
1. Speak clearly with stress on Operators (+, -, *, /, ...)
2. Avoid any noisy surroundings. Noise around you may tamper your command

Requests to the Users of our application:
1. We cannot answer the queries that people post in GooglePlay. So, for any queries, please contact us at
2. Please do rate the application, as ratings will boost our confidence
3. Please allow Automatic Updates, so that you may not miss out the features that we add in the future.

We have done our best to get the calculations right. However, there could be situations where our application may not produce correct results. We cannot be held responsible for such circumstances. If you use our application, you comply to these terms.

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