AdyClock - Night clock, alarm


AdyClock - Night clock, alarm's review


A clock app styled like a digital alarm clock.

  • Looks good
  • Customize color
  • Set display time
  • No red
  • Missing alarm settings at creation

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"Digital Time"


A functional clock app, styled like a digital alarm clock. It looks good, lets you create alarms, and will display the next alarm on the main screen. Oddly, you are unable to set the color to be the iconic red of digital alarm clocks.


The app looks good. It lets you choose between 6 colors for the display, and displays the time of the next alarm. It has a battery meter and in portrait mode it displays a calender. You can set the display time for both unplugged and charging.


For some reason you cannot set the color to red, the color that most digital alarm clocks are. It also doesn't give you all of the alarm options when you first create it - to set repeat times and some other settings you must finish creating the alarm, and the edit it.

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by Oliver

Feb 25, 2015

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