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Properly sized air conditioners are critical to the comfort of your home and health of your loved ones. The sizing tables you find at the hardware store are often inadequate, forcing you to estimate your true cooling needs. Underestimation will leave your home uncomfortably warm on the hottest days. Overestimation can be dangerous, filling your home with moisture and promoting hazardous mold growth.

The Basic A/C Calculator makes air conditioner sizing fast and simple, using a mathematical algorithm derived from cooling tables and load calculation manuals to give you a rough estimate of your specific cooling needs. We have implemented a unique sun exposure/climate zone system to improve the accuracy of the estimation algorithm.

The Advanced A/C Calculator (coming soon!) puts the power of true cooling load calculation software at your fingertips. Using the same data the pros use, you can determine the exact cooling needs of your home, either as a whole or one room at a time.

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