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AirYarde tracks Wi-Fi data over time, helping you compare your Wi-Fi experience at different places and networks. Click the start button on the main screen to start recording Wi-Fi signal changes.

Check your email or surf the web while AirYarde is working. Switch back to AirYarde when you want to check the stats. You don\'t even need to be connected to an AP.

Click the start button to start the Wi-Fi data collection service. The service keeps collecting behind the scenes even when you are using other apps.

If Android stops the AirYarde service to regain memory for your other apps, you will get a status bar notification. The service will never run longer than the time you selected.

You can choose to record the latitude and longitude with Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi and location collected by AirYarde stays on your device, it is never uploaded anywhere. You can erase your data with the click of a button or by uninstalling AirYarde.

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