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Customizable keyboard that learns how you type

  • A solid keyboard with a ton of extra features
  • Automatically learns your typing patterns
  • Resize the keyboard whenever you like
  • Battery drain

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"Does everything but tuck you in at night"


If you're not happy with the stock keyboard on your device, give ai.type keyboard Free Emoji a try. It comes with - gasp - emoji (although I should think most people have them by now), plus a ton of different themes, colors, etc. The coolest thing is that you can pinch and drag it to change its size, gaining you valuable screen real estate where you need it. There's a word prediction mechanism that comes with it, so the app learns from you and your typing tendencies over time.


Lots of themes, emoji, ability to resize easily. Word prediction tool that learns from you.


Potential battery drain. Nothing original in this day and age.

Original review from Aug 25, 2014:

Unsatisfied with the stock keyboard on your device? ai.type is an alternative keyboard with a ton of extra features.

The word prediction tool is a smartypants - at first, it suggests the next word based on popular choices, but as you use the app more and more, it'll learn your particular word patterns and suggest accordingly. Spelling and auto-correction is obviously a plus, and it comes in approximately a zillion different languages (you can switch between them with a mere swipe on the spacebar). Customize the appearance as you please - there are many more themes available if you upgrade to pro, too.

One totally killer feature: resize the keyboard simply by tapping and dragging. That's a huge plus for anyone who's ever been annoyed that the keys are blocking the screen (or, alternatively, that they're too small to hit accurately).

Some users complain that ai.type is a battery drain, so be careful if you have battery issues.

Original score: 7.8/10

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Aug 25, 2014

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