*New* Android 2.2 and higher users should use 'aLapRecorder HD'

Mount your phone to your vehicle's screen or dashboard, and aLapRecorder will simultaneously record video footage, GPS position information and accelerometer data. You can then review your recordings with the GPS speed/location, accelerometer G force data, and Google Maps overlayed in graphical form, and synchronised with the video playback.

You can export your recordings to a PC, and create overlayed video clips that you can share with friends, or upload to the world wide web.

aLapRecorder can also be used to calculate lap times and display lap comparisons in various exportable chart formats. Data can also be exported for use with GPX or CSV compliant applications. aLapRecorder will also calculate various 0-60 mph split times if the lap starts from a standstill.


» Record/replay in car video.
» Speed and altitude display.
» GPS location lap overlay.
» Google Maps overlay.
» Peak G-Meter indication.
» Export Blue Screen Video.
» Save logged data to SD card.
» Save or send charts in PNG format.
» Save or send tracks in GPX format.
» Touch screen to seek through video.
» Mark start and finish lines.
» Calculate lap times.
» Calculate ave & max speeds.
» Calculate sector times.
» Calculate 0-60 mph & 0-100 mph times.
» Import and review data in Google Earth.

Recent Additions:

» 720x480 Video Size
» Multiple Overlay Styles
» Blue Screen Export
» Google Maps Overlays
» Revised GUI
» Calculate Sector Times
» Record up 1hr of footage.

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