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    Alarm (Alarm Clock) IOS7 alarm
    Simple to use, safe and stable alarm gadget is ideal for people who like to sleep late, have alarm clock you have to worry about this section there will be some late may! Alarm operation is simple, concise picture, using a combination of iphone and android design, let you experience the iphone and Android interface, very powerful, let your work and study, tourism, travel since no delays.
    Main features:
    * Snooze mode: Click anywhere on the screen can continue to sleep, eyes closed can operate;
    * Calculation Mode: When the alarm sounds, there are three mathematical calculations to mention, are calculated to turn off the alarm on the course, you can also choose to snooze 5 minutes (time can be set) up!
    * Shake Mode: When the alarm sounds, you have to Yao panicked phone 10 times to turn off Oh!
    * Waving downtown modes: You no longer need to touch the phone to turn off the sound, or take a nap, just waved his hand to turn off the alarm clock! No longer need to fumble in the dark to turn off the alarm clock phone, just a simple gesture, waving alarm clock to turn off the sound, or take a nap!
    * Flip Mode: When the alarm sounds, a brief look at mobile phone to automatically turn off the alarm 5 minutes (time can be set) and then rang!
    * By Phone "menu" key to modify according to personal habits and style villain villain moving quickly, so get more comfortable.
    * Add alarm: by clicking on the phone "menu" button to set the items inside can add personalized new alarm.
    * The default alarm settings: Click the Phone "menu" button in the "Settings" item can be the default setting for all alarm (including ring tones, ring size, vibration, etc.).
    * Single Alarm Editor: Long press a single alarm, the alarm can be personalized settings (including ringtones, volumes and vibration). Long press a single alarm can also be edited and deleted.

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