Alarm Clock



Never worry about waking up on time again with the incredibly reliable, feature rich Alarm Clock Ultra.
Alarm Clock is THE best looking alarm clock app available, an absolute feast for the eyes... but don't be fooled by the candy coated exterior, this app has serious functionality under the hood.
Wake up the way you want to with Alarm Clock's extensive customization.

Alarm Clock
- Unlimited Alarms
- Repeat Alarms
- Wake up to your own music
- Math Alarm Clock
- Nap Alarm Clock
- Amazing selection of preset alarm tones
- Alarm clock volume increase
- Shake to dismiss alarm
- Shake to snooze
- Solve a puzzle to dismiss alarm
- Solve puzzle to snooze
- Variable Preset Quick Snooze
- Independent settings for each individual alarm
- Customized snooze duration
- Maximum Snooze amounts
- Multi-preset Quick Sleep alarms - ideal for a powernap
- Nightclock
- Beautiful looking Stopwatch
- Countdown Timer - with fully customizable user preset options
- Egg Timer - with built in cooking times and instructions
- Flashlight in alarm clock
- Various background themes - select your favourite look
- 12/24 Hour
- Battery Level indicator
- Simple to customize and navigate
- Beautiful looking Widgets

Accidently disabling your alarm is a thing of the past with our unique 'Puzzle To Snooze/Dismiss' functionality, you'll be wide awake and raring to go every time you wake up.
Want to work out and wake up the brain even more? Try our Math problems to Snooze/Dismiss feature, with 3 levels of difficulty this is a sure fire way to get you up and running on a sleepy morning.

Alarm clock also includes a fantastic looking Stopwatch, a countdown timer and even an egg timer with cooking instructions and preset boiling times.


Choose between any of our beautifully designed widgets so you can keep track of the time, weather and your next scheduled alarm, right on the home screen of your phone!

NOTE: Do not install this app on your SD card, plus add Alarm Clock to the exception list of any task killer.

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