Alarm Revolution



This alarm is different then any other alarm. We made it because there is something better than ordinary alarm clock. You don`t have to count any more how many times you pressed snooze and be afraid you`re going to be late. You don`t even need to open your eyes and this alarm tells you everything you need to know. This is alarm revolution!

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Main features:

Pre alarms:
One alarm is history. Take your time in bed with pre alarms.

Awake confirmation:
Simple task helps you wake up.
• Mathematic
• Night sky
• Shake
• Days in week
• Follow

Voice alarm:
Don`t open your eyes. Alarm`ll tell you everything.
• Time
• Label
• Minutes to final alarm

Let your favorite song or playlist wake you and skip boring part.
• Music
• Playlists
• Skip boring part

Set pattern of your work shifts and alarm will generate itself.
• Endless
• Wiht end

Create alarm once. Use it anytime.
• Alarm
• Nap

Tablet interface

And many more...
• Label
• Repat
• Vibration
• Auto snooze pre alarm
• Auto delete
• Colors
• Sort
• Different settings for alarms and pre alarms
• Skip next alarm
• Bulk edit (copy, delete)
• Inteligent notifications (x hours before alarm)
• Easy snooze
• Take a nap
• Auto start after plug to charger
• Locale settings
• Rotation lock
• Screen brightness
• Ringing in silent
• Ascending alarm
• Vibration delay

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