Alarm Run App



This alarm application can assist users to schedule any user launchable application on the device and execute the application at the specified time. For example, user can use it to to set up any auto-playable radio application as wake-up alarm.

"Alarm Run App" allows scheduling time by the minute, if the same time slot is used multiple times during scheduling, the newer change overwrites previous one.

After a schedule is met, "Alarm Run App" updates the status of the schedule. And for the schedules in the list, user can check the applications and remove them from the list through the Delete option in the menu, or Reset them to be launched again at the same schedules.

Please note that this is an alarm type application that runs in the background, thus it would drain battery power from the device when it has any active schedule. And if you use other alarm type applications, please do not schedule a time that is already configured in those applications since this would keep "Alarm Run App" from taking action on the conflicting schedule.

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