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    Alert SOS Pro

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    SOS Alert when activated sounds an Alert on your mobile, sending an emergency sms to your contact giving them your GPS co-ordinates.

    It is designed with personal safety in mind for women who find themselves walking alone at night, children who feel that someone is following them ‘Stranger Danger’ or in any situation where you think that you may need assistance.

    If you feel like you are being followed or might be in danger open the app and have it ready. With another tap it will sound an alert , tap the ‘send’ button and the pre programmed sms will be sent to your designated contact with your GPS co-ordinates.

    If you could deter a would be perpetrator then why wouldn’t you have this app on your phone?

    UPGRADE to the Pro Version and you can programme up to 5 contacts and choose which alert sound you want.

    A small price to pay for peace of mind.

    This app is a tool and should not be used as a fail safe ‘safety device’ and comes with no guarantee. When it comes to your safety nothing substitutes good decision making and always try and walk in a group. This app will not work without it being connected to GPS and WiFi/working network.

    It is important to fill in all the details in the ‘setting’ section of this app before you activate it. Make sure that the ‘sound’ is turned up on your phone and your GPS is turned on.

    For best results when you are walking alone open the app so that the ‘Send Alert’ button is showing so you will be ready for any situation.

    Part proceeds go to people helping people