ALPA Part 117 Calc. & Guide



The ALPA Part 117 Flight Time Duty Time calculator assists pilots in determining their rest period, max duty day and max flight time based on individual criteria entered by the pilot. The App also includes the FAR Part 117 Regulation and ALPA’s Part 117 Guide.

Stability Improvements.

Updated Airport Database to include Daylight Savings TimeZones for Airports Locals.
Changed time pickers to numeric keypad.

Numerous bug fixes.

You can now enter Flight Duty Periods and Flight Segments in advance without affecting the cumulative calculation.
Use Location Services setting added to preferences.

Added a time picker requesting the end time of an FDP when concluding a FDP.
Changed the way Split Duty Rest information is entered.

Bugs Squished
FDP end time for reserve operations not setting when concluding a FDP.
Sort FDP and FS by date and not by entry order.
Equipment type not populating from previous FS when adding multiple FS to a FDP.
Case insensitive compare for Airport look up.

•Edit concluded FDP's and Flight Segments.
•Check possible FDP limits with out initiating a FDP
•Enter time zone offset for flight segments
•Airport database include international & airport time zone offset
•Automatically select block in and block out time zones based on airport time zone offset
•Track extensions and enter a note for FDP’s.
•Auto fills from city pair with the most recent segments to city pair.
•ALPA FTDT Guide auto updates when a revision is published.

Updated FAR 117 Language to reflect Nov 19th 2013 FAA update.
Updated ALPA Part 117 Guide to Edition 2

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