Altitude is the most accurate altimeter for android.
It also shows current, average and maximun speed, distance, time, direction of movement, physical address where you are, maximum and minimum height of your route and you can save them to see them whenever you want.
You can view your routes in Map, post them on your Facebook profile, and share them with everybody through instant messaging clients and email.
It is ideal for running, cycling, walking, hiking, skiing, go to the mountain, recording car journeys and workouts.
You can view graphs of the height and speed of all your journeys as well as partial statistics for each mile or kilometer: average speed, time, and elevation gained or lost.
It is easily configurable, and you can choose the units you want to display information: Km / h, MPH, meters, feet.
To work properly, you must be outdoor in order to receive GPS signal.
Altitude also has a compass to help you orient yourself anytime.

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