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How do you know if your computer or network is truly hacker proof? Just because your home computer came with a firewall by Symantec or your IT manager installed a new Cisco Pix, that does not mean you are protected.

Unlike when someone breaks into your home or office and there are physical signs showing that you have become a victim of burglary, when a hacker breaks into your computer there are no obvious signs. Your mouse won't start squeaking and your keyboard will not start typing "I'm being hacked...HELP!"

In the movies, they portray a hacker (actor) sitting in front of a computer and within in seconds (not minutes) the hacker has hacked into a bank, government networks, his schools computer, his girlfriend laptop or a social media account like Facebook or Twitter.

In reality it does not work that way. Here are the 5 steps of computer hacking:

1. Reconnaissance (research) - Gathering information about the target. Just like a professional team who watches the video tapes of their opponents before game time, looking for the weakness and strength of their opponents, so does a hacker looking for the strengths and weaknesses in your network or website.
2. Scanning /Vulnerability check – This is what performs. scans website, computer or network just like a hacker would. Below is a list of scanning phases and checks performs.
3. Gaining Access – this is the penetration or hacking phase. Using the information found in #2 Scanning/Vulnerability check.
4. Maintaining Access – Once a hacker gains access, he wants to keep access. He does this by setting up backdoors, adding phantom accounts or even installing spyware.
5. Cover Tracks – What makes a “Great” thief is being able to sneak in and get out without leaving any trace. A “Great” hacker compared to an “ok” hacker can get in and out without leaving a trace.

For more information on computer hacking and the different stages click here to download the .PDF “Introduction To Ethical Computer Hacking.”

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