You can track location of your phone using AndiTracker.
If you forget your Cell or if your Cell Phone stolen in that
case you can track your Android Phone.
You need to just send one SMS from any mobile to track your
cell phone.
If anybody inserts unauthorized SIM in your Cell you will be notified by SMS.
You can receive notification SMS on Recovery Cell Phone numbers.

** Application Features :

# Find Phone by SMS (from any Mobile and from anywhere).

# SMS notification on recovery numbers for unauthorized SIM card.

# Password Protected SMS Service and to prevent unauthorized access.

# Internet connection is optional.

# Spy mode SMS receiver.

# Multi SIM authorization.

# Track your journey on map.

# Easy User Interface.

******* AndiTracker Help *********

#Topic 1 : Registration


1. Enter your first name and last name (e.g. Patrick Moody).
2. Enter your Email address and remember that. It will useful for password recovery.
and reenter Email for verification. Press Next Button.
3. Enter Cell Phone RECOVERY NUMBER(Your another cell number or your Friend's/Family member's number).
You will get cell phone lost notification SMS on this RECOVERY NUMBER when you will lost your
cell and any unauthorized person inserts his/her SIM. Press Next.
4. Last step is enter valid 4 digit password. and press Submit button.

#Topic 2 : How AndiTracker Works

After successful registration AndiTracker is running in your cell phone.
Now, you can track your phone any time and from any where. you have to send just simple SMS from any mobile to track
your phone and you will receive SMS with your phone location. You can also get your cell phone
details(IMEI, SIM Number, Operator) via SMS.

** GPS or Network Provider need to be enable for location tracking.
** Internet is Optional.

#Topic 3 : Cell Phone Recovery

When you lost your cell phone and someone inserts unauthorized SIM you will receive CELL LOST SMS on RECOVERY NUMBERS.


1. Take any cell phone and write SMS : WIMM
and send this message to phone number from which you RECEIVED LOST MESSAGE.
2. now you will get SMS back with your cell phone location link and open it with browser.
3. If you want SIM and Cell Phone detail just write SMS : CINFO
and send this message to cell phone number from which you received LOST MESSAGE.
4. You will reply back with Cell Phone and SIM details like SIM serial number, SIM Operator,
CELL IMEI number.

** What if you lost Cell Phone and not get LOST MESSAGE on RECOVERY number.
--> In this case you can use your Cell Phone Number which is inserted in your android phone for Tracking.

#Topic 4 : SMS CODES

Example : WIMM 1234
Effect : You will get SMS with your cell phone location link.

Example : WIMMA 1234
Effect : You will get SMS with your cell phone location link and address.

Example : CINFO 1234
Effect : You will get SMS with your cell phone and SIM details.

Example : WSDC 1234
Effect : Your phone's SD card will be wipe out.

* Code : PRECO[SPACE][EMAIL] (E-mail which you entered during registration.)
Example : PRECO
Effect : You will get SMS with your AndiTracker PASSWORD.

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