Android Webserver 『Httpdroid』



The Android application "Httpdroid" is an aiming at standing Web server by Android WebServer application.
If Httpdroid is used, HTML in Android, etc. can be seen from the web browser of PC, etc.

- Usage
The IP address displayed on an application is an IP address of the installed terminal.
Please push the "Start" button, please start HTTP service, from the browser of PC, specify an IP address and a port and access them.
Example ""
Access to "" displays index.html built in to the application.
A document root is a root directory of SD card, and HTML reads the file under SD card.
"" is "/sdcard/menu.html."

- Fault
Service is unstable.
At FireFox, it will be displayed by a plain text on the problem of a HTTP header.

- Hardware requirement
The author is checking operation in the LAN environment of mopera of docomo, and Wi-Fi by XperiaSO-01B.
It seems that it does not operate since Sp mode is NAT.

- In addition to this
It is still 0.9 or lower Http version in the experimental stage.
Please think that it is a lucky toy if it moves.

- Consider it directly under SD card as a document route.
- GET and a HEAD method are possible.
- In "text/plain" treatment and document root
specification, ContentType returns HTML of HTTP200 built-in code except "html", "htm", "jpeg", "jpg", and "js."

- Updating information
It opens to the public by

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