GS III Identity is now "AndroIDentity": it correctly identifies not only Samsung Galaxy S III devices, but over 12,700 devices from dozens of manufacturers.

Can you tell you if you have a GENUINE Android phone/tablet or a cheap fake / counterfeit? This app can!

Due to the high number of fake Android devices hitting the market, usually undistinguisheable from the real devices, it is necessary for people to know if they have a real, genuine device, and got what they paid for.

This app does exactly that: it reads the hardware signature of the device and tries to match it with an internal database of over 12,700 known signatures. It will then tell what is your device's real brand and model.

If the signature read from your device doesn't match any of the known signatures, a "no match" message will be shown. That indicates you may have a fake device. However, in order to prevent false negatives, a series of other useful information is also displayed, letting you know for sure what the specs of your devices are and compare them against the manufacturers published specs.

The internal database is an improved version of Google's own device database, and there also an algorithm that will tell your if your device's fingerprint has been tampered with.

If you get a "no match" (or multiple matches) but you are sure you have a genuine model, just click on the "Identity" tab, type the name of the device you have on the Model edit box, click on the "Email" button and send me the identity read from your device so I can check the data and either confirm the diagnosis of a fake phone or update the application to include the new signature.

If you decide to submit the info to me, rest assured that absolutely no personal / unique info is sent.

Along with the new features, you can now also share the details of the discovered information with your usual sharing apps.

AndroIDentity is now "donationware": your donation is very welcome and you can do it from within the app, on the "Donate" tab. This donation will keep me motivated toimprove the devices database and algorithms to correctly identify fake, fraudulent and counterfeit devices.

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