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*** This app is a patch for AndroSensor. It is not a standalone app and it does not run alone.
It only works with AndroSensor version 1.9.6 and later. ***

"AndroSensor SMS Remote" is an addon for AndroSensor. With this addon installed, you can command AndroSensor to start/stop recording by sending a simple SMS message to the target device.

How to use:
Available commands are currently only start and stop. More will be added in the future. With "AndroSensor SMS Remote" installed, just send to the device that you want to control an SMS with text "ANDROSENSOR " ( is replaced with one of the commands listed below).

Available Commands:
- "START" : Starts the sensor recording into CSV file.
- "STOP" : Stops the sensor recording and saves the CSV file. If set in AndroSensor's settings and an internet connection is available, it will also send the saved CSV file to the configured email address(es).

ATTENTION: The word ANDROSENSOR must be the first word, else the SMS is ignored. To command AndroSensor to start recording, the message must be "ANDROSENSOR START".

Please note that the automatic email sending is in beta. There is also a file size limit of 9 MB. If the sending fails for any reason, it will not be retried. All emails are send from address "", so please make sure that it doesn't get in your spam list.

* For more information, please visit AndroSensor's website. Also, please be encouraged to email me at to report a bug, suggest an improvement or just ask a question about the app.

*** Thank you! ***

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