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    thanks for taking a look at andy's words, the user dictionary for everybody by everybody! that means that you can both download and share any words and names that you like to use while texting or emailing so that your and everybody else's phones will remember them and your keyboard will fill them in the next time you want to use them! it also means that even though he looks devilishly smart, andy might not know any words at first so start teaching him!

    categories of words include hip text lingo, languages, sports, medical, legal, and business terms, and many more! you can also suggest your own which I'll be more than happy to add (as long as it's not a poopface category, we already have one)!

    there's still no underwater basketweaving adds but everything's free now too!

    note: i'm not totally sure if this works with alternative keyboards and some htc phones, as some of them use different custom dictionaries than the regular android dictionary, but be sure to check it out anyways!

    thanks for taking a look at andy's words, and have fun!

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