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    This is the Ultimate tool for Angry Birds of all four editions of Angry Birds, now with support for Angry Birds Space.

    Angry Birds Tools has:
    -Backup & Restore simultaneously all Angry Birds editions (support multiple version of Angry Birds Space)
    -Video & Text Walkthrough for all Angry Birds Editions
    -Golden Eggs & Golden Eggesteroids
    -Simple Guide for Angry Birds Space
    -Simple Guide for Angry Birds Classic, Seasons and Rio

    Tip: You can transfer game progress from Classic edition to prenium of Angry Birds Space. Go to settings in the options menu, select free version and backup it. Now select prenium version from settings and restore it!

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    New in this version
    -Angry Birds Classic
    -Added support for World 20 (2° of Surf And Tuf)
    -Angry Birds Seasons
    -Added Pink bird in Classic Guide
    -Added support for Back To School
    -Added the 2 new golden eggs
    -Angry Birds Space
    -Added support for Red Planet
    -Added support for 2 Space Eggs levels
    -Added support for 3 new Golden Eggesteroids
    -Support for Angry Birds Space 1.2.2 (Utopia 4-11/4-30, Space Egg Levels, Orange Bird, Antenna Egg, 2 new Eggesteroids)
    -Fixed YouTube links for Walktroughs (Angry Birds Rio Smugger Plane)
    -Support for "Piglantis" (Angry Birds Seasons Episode)
    -Support for "Utopia" (Angry Birds Space Episode)
    -Fixed the bug that prevent to see the YouTube Video Walkthroughs
    -Support for "Fry Me To The Moon" (Angry Birds Space Episode)
    -Bug fixes
    -Support for Classic, Prenium and HD Version of Angry Birds Space
    -New Interface
    -Added guide for Space Eagle and Danger Zone
    -Automatic move to SD
    -Space Required halved (64.1 MB to 35.84 MB)
    -New Guide only for Angry Birds Space (with new rules and new birds)
    -Added Walkthrough for Angry Birds Space.
    -Added Walkhtrough for Golden Eggesteroids
    -Added walkthrough for Cherry Bossom (Angry Birds Seasons), Surf And Turf (Angry Birds Classic) and Trophy Room (Angry Birds Rio)

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