AnJaRoot stands for Android Java Root, and it's just that - a replacement for
    the previous generation of supersuer access on Android. The days of calling su
    to execute scripts in a limited environment are over, developers are now able
    to perform previously restricted actions directly from Java!

    This is the main AnJaRoot app which needs to be installed on a device. You may
    either install this app and follow the install procedure (via recovery) or you
    can directly flash/sideload it from recovery (needed for HTC devices) by
    downloading the lastest version from


    Key features:
    - Supports Android >=2.3 (Gingerbread, API level 9) on arm, x86 and mips
    - Developers have a nice and robust library to utilize AnJaRoot to unlock the
    full potential of their ideas.
    - Simple to install: Install via app or directly flash/sideload the (which is useable on all supported systems) from
    - Developers don't need to write hard to debug Shellscripts in order to issue
    commands as root, it was never easier to make use of superuser permissions.
    - Simple management UX for users
    - It's fully open source - AnJaRoot itself is GPLv3 licensed while the
    Library is published under the Apache License.

    Future features:
    - Android 4.x multi user support
    - Full replacement for the previous SuperUser tools
    - Major UX overhaul (more options and a real design)
    - Support for custom ROM integration
    - Compatibility with the XPosed Framework

    If you want to support the development of AnJaRoot in the future you can buy
    the AnJaRoot Donate app on the Play Store. It may (but unlikely) get special,
    donaters only, features in the future. I you don't want or can't spend money
    on AnJaRoot you may also contribute to the project by submitting patches.

    All parts of AnJaRoot are licensed under popular opensource licenses. The main
    "AnJaRoot" app, the "AnJaRoot Tester" and "AnJaRoot Donate" are licensed under
    the GPLv3 to keep any modifications of the source open for the community. The
    "AnJaRoot Library" is licensed under the Apache License to enable people to
    develop closed source software. If you make any change to the library I would
    higly appreciate it if you would send your change upstream as a patch to
    support the community, same applies for the other AnJaRoot components.

    Source repositories:
    AnJaRoot -
    AnJaRoot Library -
    AnJaRoot Tester -
    AnJaRoot Donate -

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