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    A comic/scanned image reader

    cbz/cbr is Comic Book Archive file format(zip/rar)

    Not only read, you can write comment on it!

    * Support zip,cbz,rar,cbr format.
    * Support Windows file share
    * Support hight resolution image on high level devices.
    (A4 300dpi 3500 x 2400 is OK on Samusng Note 8.0)
    * Fast, efficient, stable, pan and zoom book as your wish
    * Support Multi-Window Mode (eg : Samsung Note 8.0)
    * Support file association,can launch by file explorer
    * Private mode support. lock your private books
    (Cannot open locked book by AnReader,without login AnReader,
    BUT, you can open with other app)
    * unlimited bookmark
    * searchable and markable Bookcase
    * Support directory scan
    * handwriting comment

    This app is design on Samsung Note 8.0

    Note : The book locked in private mode, valid only for AnReader. The file still can be opened by other app.

    tag : comic, book, viewer, reader, scanned book, scan, draw , note , 自炊, 漫畫, 書, 閱讀, 掃描, 手繪, 註解