Anti-theft alarm


Anti-theft alarm's review


Detect when your phone has wandered astray

  • Great alarm
  • Really easy to set up
  • Annoying commercials

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"Nobody touches my mobile, got it?!"


You never know when you might lose your mobile or if someone will decide to steal it. If you have experiened this, or worry about the possiblilty of it happening, you should install Anti-Theft Alarm right now. It's a really simple, but very effective app. It detects if somebody moves your mobile, and sets off an alarm that'll make everyone blush.


It's really easy to use. You can set up alarms to sound if the mobile is moved, but also for if it is disconnected from a charger. To turn off the alarm, (which by the way, comes with red and blue lights and a photograph of the culptrit) simply tap in the pin number.


The commercials can be annoying sometimes. If you don't want to deal with them, you can buy the full PRO app. In that version, you'll have extra functions, such as setting the alarm for when the phone is restarted or if the battery is removed, and even an option to hide the pin unblock screen.

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by Cecília

Mar 24, 2015

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