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    Anti Theft and Lost Pro

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    Send SMS message from any device to do the following
    1. Send SMS message to record sound around the phone and email the sound files to you. You specify how long the recoring will last. Sound files will be divided into 30 second interval and email to you.

    2. Send SMS message to take pictures and email them to you.
    This can give you the idea where the phone is, and possibly capture the face of the thief.

    3. Send SMS message to get the phone's current location and email it to you.

    4. Send SMS message to turn on the alarm
    This can tell you where to look for your lost phone.

    5. Send SMS message to turn off the alarm

    Send SMS messages to your cell phone using the following format where password is the default password, you should replace it with the new password.

    1. To record sound
    com.antitheft;audio;duration;password duration is in minutes.
    example: com.antitheft;audio;1;password

    2. To retrieve your cell phone's current location

    3. To take pictures

    4. To turn on your cell phone's alarm

    5. To turn off your cell phone's alarm

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