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Anti-Thief is coming now!The unique application in google play which can MAKE YOUR PHONE SCREAM AT THE MOMENT OF BEING STOLEN!
Effective,simple and clear!
Don’t you just wish that there was some sort of alarm that will go off to notify you a thief is stealing your phone?
Anti-Thief can make it!
All you have to do is activate Anti-Thief,then TURN OFF THE SCREEN and place it in your pocket or bags as usual.
Once your phone is beging stolen,Anti-Thief will turn on your screen and require a unlock motion,this will give you 3-10 seconds to unlock your phone.
Unlock uncorrectly,a high-quality siren will sound!
Unlock correctly,Anti-Thief deactivates!

√TIMEZONE PROTECTION:Anti-Thief will protect during the specific timezone you set up.
√GPS PROTECTION:Anti-Thief can remember your coordinates to make it a safe place.Within 500 meters around safe place,Anti-Thief automatically deactivates.

Devote ourself in Mobile Security and Anti Theft!

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