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AnTuTu Tester provides some testing tools to benchmark your phone

  • LCD test helps you discover dead pixels
  • Hardware/software information
  • Multi-touch test
  • Battery test with score ranking
  • It needs rankings for LCD and multi-touch test too
  • Needs more tests: GPU, touchscreen response, etc.

"Submit your mobile device to stress test"

This isn't AnTuTu benchmarking app. If that's what you are looking for you should click here. AnTuTu Tester allows users to perform some test to know the health and power of its mobile device. Thus, it can carry out a battery test that would take several hours but which give you a final score (made by battery life, temperature and other parameters) to compare it to other devices.

Likewise, it comes packed with a multi-touch test which shows the maximum count on screen, a LCD test to discover dead pixels and finally, a system information section, where you can see useful info concerning CPU, GPU, Memory, GPS, WiFi, screen resolution, kernel... and much more.

Besides the battery score ranking, this isn't a benchmark app but help you know both your mobile device software/hardware and if it works as it should.

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