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The first of its kind, A Bunking Calculator. Designed for students, AAP tells you how many classes you can miss/attend to maintain your target attendance percentage.

Other features include figuring out the total number of classes within a defined time interval.

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✔ How it works?

Since the total number of classes for each course in a semester is never fixed, you can't always be sure how many classes you can afford to miss or need to attend to reach your desired percentage.

However, what I've done is focus on the % alone, not the total number. Therefore, the resulting (bunk/attend) number changes as you attend more classes, making it more reliable. It's ideal for maintaining purposes.

*Note: If the number of classes to attend seems impossibly high, it means you won't be able to cover up!

✔ What have I taken into Consideration?

Say you've attended 9/10 classes. That would make your attendance percentage 90%, and although it seems that you'll get 4/5 marks (90%+ = 4marks), you'll end up getting only 3. Reason being, you have to cross 90% (say 90.01) to fall into the 4 Mark Category. (Marking Scheme according to my College)

This has been considered in my calculations, so you won't be misinformed due to the rounding.

*Note: If your current percentage is equal to your target percentage exactly and my app informs you that you'll have to attend one more class. This is not a mistake.

✔ A Few Extra Words (Keywords)

Anyhow Attendance Planner (AAP) was intended for everyone, not just a planner to bunk class, skip class, cut class or play hooky. It works both ways, that is, it helps you recover what was lost. Helps you keep track (A Tracker) of your schedule or agenda. An organizer for all who know the no. of classes attended and conducted. Study. Take a break. For Schools, Colleges, Institutes (Institutions) or Universities (University), you name it! Students of Indian (India) Colleges may find this rather useful. Lovely Professional University (LPU). Shardha University. Delhi University (DU)...

✔ The End

So try it out, see if it helps and Enjoy! ^_^

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