apLight-Lite flash light ctrlr



apLight-Lite is a basic flash led light controller.
With apLight-Lite you can use your phone flash led as a torch or make it blink at three speeds.
Try "apLight".

- Free and simple.
- Blink at 3 speeds
- No Spy: this app do not spy you like many apps do!
ON and OFF buttons turn the light on and off.
The BLINK button make the light blink and you can stop it with the STOP button.
You can set the speed by selecting the options LOW, MID, HIGH.
Check LIGHT ON START if you want the light on when you launch the app.

About exiting and background running:
To close the app you can click the Quit button or the phone "back" button.
If you click the phone Home button the app can leave the light on ( but can't blink ) in background, and you must re-launch it to exit.

For help or suggestions write to: andromedaapro@gmail.com

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