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    This app is for all developers who are developing a app using App Inventor and want to learn more about the activity starter component. App Inventor ActivityStarter lets you play with intent activities and has more than 150 example demo activities.
    This app is actually a kind of Activity Starter component. You can make your own activity with all the fields you have in the Activity Starter component in App Inventor and execute the activity. If you want to learn more about the activity starter component in app inventor or are you looking for example activities, then this app is for you!

    In this app you will find example intent activities such as:
    -Action and classes to all android settings.
    -open, edit and view content such as image, audio, video or a file.
    -Search for content on web or phone.
    -Call, Dial, Email, SMS, MMS. Pick, Call or edit contact
    -Geo-location activities for Google Maps, Street view or other route app.
    -Photo and video activities
    -Google play and install and uninstall apps activities
    -Save text to sdcart, copy text to clipboard. Share text with Whatsapp, Hangouts, Drive, Dropbox, Mega.
    -External App inventor tools activity demos for AsUtil, Phone Picker for App Inventor, vkTools

    * More about App Inventor maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    * Note that this app has a lot of permissions because it has to be able to do any activity that you can make in app inventor.

    * You can also download the source code of this app, see

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