App Share (apk share) Unlocker



This application unlocks App Share for Android. Please install App Share first, as this application will only act as a license to remove advertisement in App Share.

As long as this application is installed on your device, you will be able to disable advertisement in App Share.

Once installed, open App Share and unchecked advertisement in the settings. (Menu -> Settings -> Advertisement - uncheck)

Please update both App Share AND the unlocker if your experiencing any issues with the license.

This application doesn't need a launcher icon. It's only a license key, select "Hide Unlocker Icon From Launcher" on the main screen to permanently remove the icon from your launcher.

Please Note: I CANNOT respond to comments in the Android Market; please use the In App Forum to communicate with me. Here you may post bugs, suggestions, issues, questions, or any other relevant information. Thanks! (Menu -> Settings -> Feedback)

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