Apps.Hide free (Need Root)



********* Need Root ************
If you system have to obtain root, Apps.Hide can help you to hide the unneeded apps or Do not want to let others see .
The disable apps can be activated by Apps.Hide and opening, the disable program will not be displayed in the Launcher.
The program can pull directly in the "Enable Apps" into the "Disable Apps" can be hidden without too much action, on the contrary, you can restore the display.
Some phone system may appear the icon still Launcher display first hidden, but these apps was disable, just need to restart the phone can Hidden icons.
this version only 6 apps disable.

Default Password:778

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关键字:显示、隐藏、程序、程式、激活、还原、工具 同类产品有:Go桌面、ADW桌面、QQ桌面

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