Aptoide Repos



Simple application to update repositories (repos) of Aptoide.


o Update repositories (repos) of Aptoide.

o Search apps directly in Aptoide from the application or from the Google Play: Detail of an application on Google Play > Sharing > Search into Aptoide.

o Check and download the latest version of Aptoide (official site).

o Supported languages: Spanish and English (default).

o Support SD card installation.


! Correction in the search from Google Play (Market): Detail of an application on Google Play > Sharing > Search into Aptoide.

! Correction in discharge integrated of Aptoide.

+ New button for direct discharge and integrated of Aptoide.
+ New configuration parameter to indicate the number of pages in the search (default: one).
! Correction in the search for applications in Aptoide.

+ Minimum version API 1.6.
+ Improvements into search for apps in Aptoide.
! Minor Bug fix.

! Several Bug fixes.
! Admob library update 4.3.1.

! Several bug fixes.
! Admob library update 4.1.1.

+ Now you can search directly from an application on the Market. Option "Share this application" select "Aptoide Repos"
+ 1click7days: If you click on an ad that you like, the app won't show more ad for 7 days.
! Bug fix at the opening of the app (force close).

! Bug fixes in search.
! Remove support for Apktor for discontinuity of the project app. No longer supported or updated by the author.

+ New search option for apps in the application itself and the general search of Android. Since the search can install but only Aptoide facilities.
! Bug fix.
! Admob library update 4.1.0.

! Bug fix: NoSuchMethodError y OutOfMemoryError.
! Fixes in text.
! Admob library update.

! Update download link Aptoide.
! Update download link Apktor.

+ New menu item "Settings" where you can configure some elements of the application: connection times, text size ...
+ New options in the menu "Aptoide" or "Apktor": open application, check version, update repositories, ...
+ Minor interface changes and the use of colors for higher compression.

+ It adds the possibility to rotate the application into landscape mode, in addition to standard portrait mode.
+ Progress bar is added in the title.
+ It includes checking the latest version of the application. Only once a day.

! Update download link Apktor.
! Change of temporary cache path scdcard/app to sdcard/data/app
! Bug fix: in format string conversion.

+ Compiled in SDK 2.3.3 with support from 1.5.
! Bug fix: visual notification got stuck sometimes.
! Bug fix: unexpected closing of application trying to show a dialog when the application is running in the background.
! Bug fix: in translation.

Complete changelog can be found in application.

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