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Find the right direction and make use of all the helpful features of this double compass

  • Useful
  • Many options, easy to use
  • Not for everyone

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"Never Lost"

AR Bearing Baseplate Compass is an application that provides a free compass and a bearing compass with Augmented Reality.

What can you do with it? This app allows you to measure and record headings, address yourself to the right direction and record important bearings. This features can be useful when doing various tasks like sailing, hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities.

The application works perfectly well and besides it appears to be complex, it actually isn't. Change your preferences in the Settings section and personalize it to fir your activities better.

There are several differences between the free and the premium version which you can read thoroughly in the developer's description.

AppyHand is the developer of AR Bearing Baseplate Compass, a helpful app for the most adventurous ones.

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