Arab Deaf Sign Interpreter



Arab Deaf Sign Interpreter is a free program designed to help working sign language by entering any word translation and show their own sign language ... Also aims to reduce the space between people with special needs and the community by breaking the language barrier to communicate

Arab Deaf Sign Interpreter Features:

• Translate any text into sign language.
• Support Arabic and English.
• Possibility of participation translator with social networks (Facebook and Twitter)
• The possibility of view before participating to display.
• Support for multi-touch to enlarge the image and zoom in the preview.
• The possibility to save the image on the device with a custom window display to choose where conservation easily.
• Provide 3 types of fonts to choose from.
• The possibility to change the font size used.
• The possibility to change the color of the font used.
• The possibility to change the background color.
• Providing Viewer distinctive colors so that the change of colors easily.
• Take into account that the small size of the application as possible.
• Taking into account the simplicity of the design.
• Free application.
• It is completely free of advertisements.

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