aShell only allows you to edit any SQLite database on your ROOTed Android device with aSQLiteManager. aShell has NO use without aSQLiteManager

With the donate version of aSQLiteManager you get the aShell functionality build into aSQLiteManager.

As it allows you to edit the system databases you need to know what you do before starting editing. You might destroy data needed for your phone to work properly!


The root file explorer in aShell allows you to browse your device and if it is rooted you have access to any directory. The explorer allows you to sort and filter the files.

Before editing a system database a backup copy of the database is placed in /mnt/sdcard/.aSQLiteManager (named databaseName.back) here you will also find a version of the edited database.

If you like aSQLiteManager and aShell consider buying the donate version of aSQLiteManager and support the development and be among the first to get new updates with new functionality!

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