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    Loss prevention, lost phone finding, emergency backup all supported with one single app!
    (First of its kind)

    Following important functions are all possible with one single app!

    1. Smart phone loss prevention (phone finding)

    2. Lost phone finding (remote control)

    3. Emergency data backup (address book, texts, etc.)

    The first to provide a loss prevention function!

    [If my phone is intentionally turned off]

    When the person who has my phone turns it on at home, then the phone sends to you an email on the locational information and the pictures it took inside the house.

    ※ You have to set up the phone in advance to enable it to be automatically connected with the network.

    [Loss Prevention Function]

    Your phone detects when you are away and functions to protect itself.

    [Essential Functions]

    1. Detects when the own is away (at the PC room, library, sauna, etc.)

    2. When lost, the phone immediately sends to you an email containing the pictures taken by the phone as well as the location information.

    3. The alarm goes off when the phone is touched by someone.

    ※ Supported on the phones with at least Android OS 2.3 installed

    ※ The function is not supported on Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 as the phone does not provides the required functions.
    (Supported on Galaxy Note1, Galaxy S2/S3, Vega Racer and LG Optimus)

    ※ No other expenses to pay except the initial purchasing payment

    ※ Even when the phone is lost unlocked, ASPIS automatically locks it.

    Major Functions of ASPIS

    [Lost Phone Finding and Remote Control]

    1. AI-supported lost phone finding function

    1) Unique, proprietary function that no other comparable Apps support

    2) Protects your phone from loss in various places like PC room, library, sauna

    3) When lost, the phone immediately sends to you via email the pictures it took and the location information.

    4) When the phone is picked up by any other person, the alarm goes off and other security and loss-proof functions also begin to work.

    2. Remote Control Functions

    1) Used to remotely control the lost phone.

    2) Offers View Whereabouts of My Phone, Remote Photo-Taking, Message Sending, etc.

    3) Refer to the following guide for further details.

    How to Use ASPIS

    1. Install App on your smartphone & run it.

    2. Allow request for device administrator authority (Required for remote control)

    3. Sign for membership & log on (Input ID/password/name/email address).

    4. Click shield after login to run lost-phone finding function.

    5. Log on to web site ( on PC.

    6. Log on using registered ID/password and start remote control.

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