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This application is an assembly emulator. The user can develop, "compile" and execute assembly programs.

Currently there is only support for Mips assembly but more assembly languages will be implemented.

Download this application if you have some basic programming experience or if you wish to learn assembly programming otherwise it will not be usefull to you at all.

Please visit wikipedia for more info on Mips assembly. You can also find code samples with detailed comments in the application webpage. For a brief documentation read this:

This emulator has been designed to be fast and efficient. It can execute hundreds of thousands instructions per second just by using the power of your phone arm processor. For example a typical high end smartphone can execute roughly 1.5 million instructions per second and a 4 year old phone more than 200K instructions per second. Also it has been designed to be completely independent of any assembly language and architecture. As a result it will be very easy to add more assembly languages or even allow the user to specify his / her own assembly language.

For more information visit the application webpage.

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