Assistant with an Emotion Chip



This is a BETA test version!

Add 'Location reminders' to your agenda, so you get notified when you enter a location.
Tag agenda meetings with #silent or #vibrate to suppress the ringer when in a meeting.
Change ringer based on location, e.g. silent in theatre, voice ringer at home.
Give a contact your position for a short period via SMS text messages.
Just flip your phone to snooze after your morning alarm goes off.

1) Alarm clock
type 'Wake me at 8' (or 8 15 or 23 55) and it will wake you at the specified time. To stop the alarm press his nose (only in the widget). To cancel type 'cancel alarm'. To snooze just flip the phone over. Use the auto-completion function to make sure it understands you, so if you just type 'snooze' you can select the command instead of typing the whole command. Don't forget to add the widget to your home screen first to see the countdown and to be able to hit his nose to stop the alarm.

2) Agenda with ringer tags.
Tag your events (in description or location field) with #vibrate, #silent, #voice or #normal in order to set the ringer mode of your phone during the event. If you select '#voice' it will say the name of the caller when the phone rings.
Put the following tags #like #love #dislike or #hate in the description field so it knows how you feel. The next event is displayed in the bottom right cloud and the current event in the bottom left cloud. Press the cloud to go to the event in your agenda.

3) Location with ringer tags.
Type 'I am at home' (or work, school, ...) so it can remember this location and react when you come home.
Type 'Use vibrate ringer here' if you are at school or the theatre. Each time you enter this location it will change the ringer type for you (voice, silent and normal are also supported).

You need a network connection with Wi-Fi or GPS for this to work. Type ‘Weak Wifi/GPS here’ if you are at a location with unreliable WiFi and GPS.

4) Tracking – Here I am (Beta test version!)
Type ‘Track me via text for 1 hour’ and choose a contact to enable SMS tracking. A text message with your current location, distance to your home and time will be sent to the specified cell phone number every 15 minutes for 1 hour. Cancel at any time by typing ‘Cancel tracking’. To specify the interval in minutes type ‘Set tracking interval to 30’ so you can reduce frequency if SMS is expensive in your region.

5) Panic Button
Add the help button widget (panic widget) to a screen. After pressing the help button it will send a text to the specified number with your last known position. Type ‘The panic number is –cell phonenumber-‘ to specify the destination number.

6) Contacts
Type 'I love -contactname-' , 'wife', 'friend' after you receive a call or text.
You can also change emotion tags in the notes field of your contacts yourself.

7) Dashboard
If you are in a moving vehicle you can view the current speed. Only use this functionality when you are a passenger for an indication on current speed, not while driving a vehicle yourself. Also GPS uses a lot of power, so connect the phone to a charger. GPS speed information may not always be accurate in all situations.

License & Privacy:

This app will store geo locations on your phone, so please do not install this app if you do not like this. This app will also add notes to your existing contacts and create new contacts.
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