Auto Data



Concept on What It Does?
- If your display screen is off, it toggles the mobile data to turn on/off every few minutes.
- If the display is on, then it wont turn the data on/off
- It detects if 2g/3g/4g is on as well

Donate Version Extra Features:
- With the donate version you can control the time settings.

What's the difference between this and tons of applications out there that turns off the automatically turns off the data when the screen is off?
- I have unlimited internet bandwidth on my phone but limited battery life. I rely on the internet for my instant messaging and work emails. If I use one of those applications that turns off the data when the screen is off, then technically I wont be able to receive those emails until I turn on the screen. That's how the idea of creating Auto Data came from. Basically I want to be able to receive messages while the screen is off without heavy battery usage.

Why Create This App?
- I'm looking for a way to extend battery life of my phone (HTC ONE X) without me having to turn on and off the mobile data manually since I have unlimited mobile data but limited battery life
- I want to learn how to program even the simplest things on Android for my own use

- You tell me

Not working?
This application requires that Mobile Data is initially turned "on" in Android System Settings to make it work.

Battery Still Draining Fast?
If you flashed a new ROM, you have to give it a few charge cycles in order for the battery to normalized and be calibrated. Usually, 3 - 4 full charge cycles before you'd notice the difference.

Donate Version
If you like Auto Data and would like to help out, you can consider donating. By donating you get the full features of Auto Data unlocked.
Donation can only be done through PayPal at the moment, as Google Checkout doesn't support the country where Im at so until Google Checkout supports comes, no choice but to use PayPal (Sorry about that).

Once you have donated, kindly send me an Email with your PayPal confirmation code and I will send you a APK that will unlock Auto Data.
Kindly allow me up to 48 hours to send you the APK file that unlocks AutoData, I have to send you the APK manually and due to time zone differences I cannot promise that I can send it immediately, but I will ASAP!

Donation Amount?
Any amount is appreciated. I do not put a minimum limit to donation. It's a donation so what ever you feel like then its fine!
Thanks for considering donating!

- By installing and trying this application, I take no responsibility on what it does to your phone. Please use this at your own risk! If you do not accept this then please don't try this application.

- As this application has been developed for my own use since I have unlimited mobile data, if you do not have unlimited mobile data then I suggest you do not use this application since it automatically turns on and turns off your mobile data.
PS: Again, I have to do actual testing to determine if it does improve battery life. Would help if others can do testing as well

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