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Auto Wifi is designed to extend your smartphone battery life, it automatically shuts off and turns on the WLAN. (Wireless toggle or WiFi toggle switch)

This tool is perfect to save the battery if you are staying often between places without WiFi. Personally, I have reduced the battery consumption of the WLAN by over 30% to 10%. The tool reduces the battery consumption and save the battery. It's a real energy saver.

It's activate after a defined interval the wireless network and retrieve the current position.
If you are in a defined radius to the specified location the WIFI be enabled.
Otherwise, the wireless LAN is disabled to save power.

It can travel up to 10 locations and the service can be started immediately after booting the system.

The Internet is used for advertising and Google Maps!

If you have any problems, errors, suggestions or requests then please e-mail to

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