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    ★★★ AUTOMATICALLY arms whenever it detects a long period of no movement ★★★

    A new way to prevent your phone/tablet from being stolen.
    All these other apps help you retrieve your phone or tablet AFTER they're gone. They're great, but wouldn't it be better if you could PREVENT your device from being stolen?
    This app helps you achieve that. Activate it whenever you're leaving your device unattended for more than a minute, in a restaurant, cafe, the gym or at the office.
    It's much like these other anti-tamper/anti theft alarm apps, but with an ingenious twist: It AUTOMATICALLY arms whenever it detects the device is sitting on a tabletop, bar or any other surface without movement.
    Whenever you pick up the phone, just remember to shake it well, and it'll automatically disarm itself until the next period of no-movement is detected.
    If the device is picked up without shaking, an loud siren alarm would sound. Lowering the volume won't help either, as the app constantly sets it to the maximum. The alarm would sound until the predefined password is entered or the device is turned off / battery is taken out. Hopefully this would give you enough time to catch the thief and restore your stolen phone or tablet.
    Latest version also contains a charger alarm, which will sound an alarm whenever the charger is disconnected from your device (you have a few seconds to react before the alarm would sound).

    Neuron Software

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