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With the Avans Contacts application you can manage contacts from your AIB Avans BlackBoard Addressbook on your Android powered device.
This application is meant for Avans students on the Academy for ICT and Business who are browsing to BlackBoard via http://bb.avans.nl/

Keep in mind that the app will function as long as the architecture of the Avans BlackBoard addressbook remains unchanged.
- Retrieving contacts from BlackBoard Addressbook
- Viewing last retrieved contacts from local device
- Create new contacts on your phone and BlackBoard
- Modify contacts on your phone and BlackBoard
- Delete single or multiple contacts
- Call, SMS or send e-mails to your Avans contacts
- Avans contacts are stored seperately
- Automatic authentication with Avans BlackBoard
- High performance due to direct contact with Avans BlackBoard (information is retrieved using requests as a normal browser would)

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