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Aventura CCTV Lens Calculator

Calculate the effective surveillance range for any camera/lens combination.

Enter the specifications for any camera, or find the optimal camera/lens combination for any ranged surveillance requirement.

Effective range is calculated based on a variation of Johnson's Criteria ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnson's_criteria ) and optionally includes atmospheric modeling for greater accuracy and real-world application.

Select from preset or custom resolution, sensor size, and lens focal length.

Choose atmospheric modeling (high, low, or off) and target type (human, vehicle, or custom).

The calculator will provide three effective ranges:
• Detection: The object can be seen.
• Recognition: The object can be classified.
• Identification: Some details of the object are visible.

Calculations provided are only approximations and may differ from actual results for a variety of reasons ranging from sensor quality to atmospheric conditions.
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