Azureus Droid Torrent



Azureus Droid is a tool for file transfer;
-Of a Smartphone Smartphone to another;
-From a PC to a Smartphone;
-Of a Smartphone to a PC;
Simplified Customer-Ftp

II.Fichiers transmitted.
The file types are transmitted;
-All types

III.Possibilités storage.
The possibility of storing files on the Azureus platform Droid is 3 GB

Azureus Droid soon integrate a search engine torrent. Bittorent download files at high speed on your smartphone and your PC
* Contacts:
Transferring files to Smartphone Smartphone is only possible if both have the application Azureus Droid. Vuze Wireless transfer
* Play audio and video:
You can read the files upon receipt by clicking on it.
To do this, download the application "Rockplayer Lite" is required (free from the Android Market)

Briefly Azureus Droid is:
File Sharing
File Sharing
File Exchange
file shares
File Transfer
large file
send large file
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ftp file transfer
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Secure File Transfer
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File transfer without son
Transfer PC phone
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Azureus on android
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Transfer from phone to phone
a smart phone smart phone
Transferring a pc android

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