Track your baby’s milestones, achievements or any other baby events.

Touch the Menu key to add a note. The app will automatically save the notes when you go back to the main screen. If you need to make a note of an event that happened in the past, you can set a date, which would be a new date for the record. If the date is not set manually, it would be set automatically as a current date on the device.

Features include:
* Milestones pick list
* Text Baby Notes/Journal entries
* Photo notes
* Link Photo from Gallery
* Audio notes
* Sort Asc
* Email text notes
* Export text Notes into a pipe delimited file.
* Backup DB
* Restore DB
* Search
* Reminders
* Track multiple babies (currently up to 3)
* Age calculation (Name and B-day have to be setup in preferences)
* Speech-to-text - must have internet connectivity to access Google servers

Keywords: baby notes, voice-to-text, diary, children, kids

Tags: babynotes

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