Backup & Restore BackMeUp Lite



▶ Description
This 'BackMeUp' application can backup and restore applications and data in your phone either online or in SD cards.
Application backs up in SD card, data backs up either online or in SD cards.
Backed up data can be checked, managed and by setting backup alarms periodically, user's applications and data can be safely protected.

▶ Features
- Backup
Applications or data backup online or in SD card.
(Applications backup only in SD card.)
- Restore
Restores applications or data backed up online or in SD card.
- Manage
Manages and checks information backed up.
- Setting
User's application and data can be protected through backup alarms set periodically in time intervals.

[Lite version has limits in numbers of backup items.
Backup alarms and online backup of data is only available in Pro version.]

▶ Attention
- KOREA SKT-Phone (SHW-100S, SHW-110S, SHW-180S, SHW-240S, SHW-250S)
SMS backup doesn't work.
- HTC Phone
Contact backup doesn't work.

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