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If you want a fast and effective QR scanner, you've come to the right place

  • Read QR codes quickly
  • Activate flash to read unclear codes
  • Doesn't have a reading history
  • Can't read barcodes

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"A solid QR scanner"


Of all the QR code scanning apps on the market, this is one of the most interesting. Barcode Scanner QR is a tool that you'll find useful, especially if you work with these types of codes on a daily basis, or even if you do so now and then. It works quickly and practically, and is based on a simple mechanism using the camera on your device.


Raise your phone, point the camera towards the QR code you want to read, and there you have it. This is how easy it is to operate this app, which quickly reads any code you put in front of it. It also includes the option to activate the flash to improve the reading, if you're in an environment that's too dark to show the code clearly.


The app doesn't save historical readings, nor a way to save readings in a notebook-style app. It would also be much more beneficial if this same app could also scan barcodes, too.

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by Cecília

Jun 22, 2015

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