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Standard Basic. Android controller.
It has high compatibility with the traditional Basic.
The command interactive console of the PC is just realized.
By this one, the existing smartphone will become able to utilize as a portable computer.
Nexus7 support.
[new] Bluetooth communication!

It has two execution modes, interpreter mode and speedy intermediate code execution mode.
It is calculated at a rate of about 20 times.
Feature: Simple and thorough language specification.
By definition function, it can use subroutines hierarchically. Recursive call is also possible.
func pow(n,m)
endfunc d

Although a variable is automatic declaration,
There is distinction of global variable and local variable.

Flow processing maintained in block structure is possible.
if endif, while wend, selectcase, break, continue etc.

By exclusive software keyboard, programming is possible only with a smartphone.(With a direction virtual device)
Auxiliary-input and Popup-Help function.
It can also edit from PC via SD card.
Step-Execution-mode & Variable-table.[new]

It has sprite function of variable size, various expression is possible.
By background graphics function of parts unit, scroll expression can also be made easy.
It also has the judgment function of the collision with each sprite and background graphics.

SQLite can be used.(SQL mode change is possible.)
It can use from both Program sauce and Direct command.
The variable of Basic can be used as an original function.
The query result is storable not only in text output but array variable.
Regular expression support.

Various device operations are supported.
Camera photography, GPS sensor, Video playback, Voice recording, Battery residual, Bluetooth.
Various sensors. (Orientation,Accelerometer,Proximity,Temperature,Illuminance,Gyroscope,Magnetic,Pressure)
Voice synthesis. (Text To Speech)
Execute external application.
Web page display.
zip-file compress&decompress.
C language conversion save function.
The load function from the network.
The specification program execution function from home screen.

It has various interrupts function.
on (stop, time$, interval, play, touch, bluetooth, error)
Random(binary) & Text file, File operation, Music performance function.
Independent screen composition: Text, Graphics, Background graphics, Sprite and Graphic buffer.
The key assignment function in the model with a hardware keyboard.

It is equipped fully with the Off-line manual.
Manual HP - Online
Turtle graphics is released by HP.

It uses immediately after starting.
'Wi-Fi' ON.
load ""
(input - Fn+'0'key ok.)
Since a sample is loaded from a network, please execution.

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Recently changed in this version

Flexible free area (System:Memory upper limit is increased automatically)
add: max() min()
add: decimal$() (Long digit,No accidental error -BigDecimal calc)
add: getbitmap setbitmap pixel pixc() (Graphics processing by bitmap array)
add: ui_text (Show dialog text)
add: pensize (Drawing pen setting)
extension: timer (Value setup is possible)
Forum was established. (Please refer to manual inside)
fix: When minus sign is attached to exponentiation in ,c-mode.(e.g.:1-2^2)

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