Battery 2Plus Booster



Battery 2Plus Saver
"Are you always tired of charging your battery again & again. No need to worry now."

Battery booster will give a significant change in the battery life after using this application.
Battery boost will help you to speed up your android phone, save battery,completely kills unwanted tasks and it will completely uninstall unwanted application.

Increase your battery life by to 30% which is pretty amazing. One of the best battery boosting application.

This unique application helps any android device battery stay on longer. Battery booster helps save battery by allowing you to adjust various network, WiFi, screen settings.
Use this app to customize your device to the optimum settings for battery saving according to your terms. Use your smartphone longer with this amazing & cool application.


:- kills unused apps
:- turns down the screen brightness
:- reduces screen timeout
:- reduces vibration intensity
:- automatically turns off your WiFi when battery getting low.

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